Nicola is a brilliant confidence coach. 

In just three sessions, she has provided me with a range of tools to help me focus on, pinpoint and overcome issues of confidence in the short and long term.  She has pushed me to 'dig deep' and confront my inner critic.  During our conversations she has skillfully balanced listening and questioning with speaking - the mark of a truly excellent coach. Right from the start I found Nicola very easy to speak to and open up with, including confronting some difficult emotional 'sticking points'.  In the second and third sessions, I was aware of just how carefully Nicola has listened to what I have said and how she has clearly considered how to support me in my own unique, individual set of circumstances.  As a result, her suggestions have been tailored to my needs and all feel appropriate and achievable. 

It has been a pleasure to have this opportunity to work with Nicola and I would encourage you to do the same, you won't regret it!'

Catherine - Author

Following 3 coaching sessions

Working with Nicola has been a real pleasure. When we started our work, I was emerging from a difficult patch in my life and had lost confidence in myself. I wanted to look at my fear of visibility with my work and especially visibility on social media. Nicola supported me to see what was underneath that fear and layer by layer I peeled that fear back and found a core of made of a strong, positive and radiant self. Together we nurtured that new perception and I'm now posting regularly on my Facebook page and I'm about to do my first Facebook live too! (...eeekkkk!)

Nicola has a very kind and gentle approach to your struggles and yet holds you accountable for any decision made during the sessions. I would highly recommend working with her.

F, Coach

Following 5 coaching sessions